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FSK Shield insulationFSK Shield is a Class A insulation facing and vapor retarder with low-emittance properties.

FSK Shield is made of aluminum foil bonded to natural kraft paper. The product includes a flame-retardant adhesive and is reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass scrim. FSK Shield’s aluminum facing also reduces radiant heat transfer for added R-value or as a radiant barrier – a benefit not found in traditional FSK products.

Here are a few benefits of using FSK Shield over a foil-faced batt:

  • FSK Shield can be used with un-faced batts eliminating the need to special order for jobs requiring foil-faced batts. This reduces the number of seams that need to be taped on ceiling or wall applications.
  • FSK Shield is an effective vapor retarder, especially when seams are properly sealed with Fi-Foil FSK tape. The low-emittance (low-e) foil facing reduces radiant heat transfer and can also be used to improve flame spread. 
  • FSK Shield’s aluminum low-e surface reduces radiant heat transfer by 97% for enclosed spaces used for airflow and other open spaces in the building envelope. When properly installed, FSK Shield can have a dramatically positive impact on overall building comfort and energy efficiency. 
FSK Shield Specifications Sheet
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For more about FSK Shield, click here or visit the FSK Shield website.

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