SkyFlex Air Barrier Services in Baltimore, MD

SkyFlex air barrier installed in stairwell.
SkyFlex air barrier is designed for use in residential and commercial building applications. It’s strong and flexible, consisting of two layers of aluminum foil laminated to a layer of woven polyethylene. When exposed to air films or enclosed air spaces in building cavities, SkyFlex’s exterior layers reduce radiant heat transfer.

SkyFlex Air Barriers are:
  • Available for residential and commercial applications
  • Flexible for fast and easy installation
  • Insulators, adding R-value to building envelope
  • Available in both economy and high-performance options
  • Manufactured with low-emittance exterior layers which reduce radiant heat transfer

SkyFlex air barrier installed to kneewall.
SkyFlex is to be used as a primary air enclosure boundary between conditioned and unconditioned air in the building envelope. SkyFlex’s air permeance levels fall below 0.02L(sxm2)@75 Pa as tested in accordance with ASTM 2178 making it a very effective air barrier material.

SkyFlex is also a Class I vapor retarder, with a vapor permeability of 0.01 perms.

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